tinder swipe adobe xd file preview
The Tinder Swipe Card effect is always impressive and will add a swift to your Mobile UX project. Hotsnow team has decided to make this asset for anyone. We created the Adobe XD Tinder Swipe Card Adobe XD GUI Kit to streamline your sketching and prototyping process.
For your convenience, all the Colors, Character Styles, and Symbols are fully editable, allowing you to adapt them to your new design quickly, even in fullscreen mode ctrl is enormous.
Also, you can use your design as an exact reference and adobe xd shortcuts during the building of the app, or you can generate the design specs for your development team.
Download your FREE Adobe XD Resource below:
How to use:

Edit the colors and Character Styles in the Assets pan, and all the colors will change across the design. Use adobe xd shortcuts!

Edit Icon Symbols to build your perfect design! You can use the pen tool and other tools.

Check your design in prototype mode .

This Free Adobe XD Tinder Swipe Card Adobe XD GUI Kit is brought to you by folks of Hotsnow Creative Agency. If you find this helpful resource, please let us know at and share it with the #hotsnow hashtag!

List of the valuable features for advanced users:
adobe xd cheat sheet
fullscreen mode
adobe xd shortcuts
prototype mode
pen tool

MARCH, 16 / 2018

Text author: hotsnow*
Photography: hotsnow*