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Case study: Hietakari Branding

Hietakari Branding
Hietakari branding: web site design
The Hietakari is an interior design brand in Helsinki, Finland. The company produces various items for bathrooms, saunas, and dry spaces, like glass walls, shower enclosures, and bathroom accessories. It targets clients who want to get quality design solutions.
Hietakari Logo symbol
Our Goals: We need to create a webpage to support the brand and create a new identity.
Hietakari color palette


We created the initial sketches, wireframes, and a clickable prototype. After the approval of all the details with the client, we designed the conversion-targeted web site. The brand was created, included the logo and style guidelines.
Hiatakari logo
Hietakari branding, social media
Hietakari brand: mobile icon
Hietakari web design
Hietakari logo
Hietakari brand: the logo on the black background
Hietakari webdesign mobile
Hietakari, responsive web design
Hietakari website design
Hietakari brand, advertising application
Hietakari logo


The client launched the web site in schedule and started to gain customers. His brand got substantial publicity.