Case studies

Case Study: Video Production for Infopathy Glowing IC Pad 3

Video Production 3D Renderings

Client and Project Overview

  • Client: Infopathy
  • Project: Video production for the Glowing IC Pad 3 device
  • Objective: Create an engaging promotional video showcasing the features and benefits of the Glow Pad 3
Infopathy Glow Pad 3 still

Project Phases and Contributions

  • Our team meticulously crafted a storyboard that visually narrated the Glowing IC Pad 3’s journey from concept to reality.
  • We mapped out key scenes, transitions, and visual elements to align with the client’s vision.
Film Shooting:
  • On-location shoots captured the essence of the Glowing IC Pad 3. We highlighted its sleek design, user-friendly interface, and transformative capabilities.
  • Close-ups showcased the device’s intricate details, emphasizing its premium quality.
Infopathy Glow Pad 3 video shooting scene
3D Animation:
  • Our skilled animators breathed life into the Glowing IC Pad 3. We created dynamic 3D renderings, illustrating how the device interacts with energy fields.
  • The animation conveyed complex concepts in an accessible manner, making it relatable to viewers.
Infopathy 3d animation
Video Editing:
Infopathy Glow Pad 3 video editing
  • Post-production involved meticulous editing. We seamlessly blended live-action footage with 3D animations.
  • Transitions were smooth, maintaining a cohesive narrative flow.
Voice Over Recording:
Infopathy Glow Pad 3 live footage
  • We collaborated with a professional voice artist to provide a compelling narration.
  • The script, provided by the client, was delivered with clarity and enthusiasm, emphasizing the Glowing IC Pad 3’s unique features.

Challenges and Solutions

  • Scientific Concepts: Explaining the Quantum Electrodynamic (QED) Theory and the device’s electromagnetic signals required clarity. We used concise visuals and simplified language.
  • Safety Precautions: Given the magnetic field generated by the Glowing IC Pad 3, we ensured safety guidelines were prominently featured in the video.
Infopathy device and a smartphone

Results and Impact

  • The final video resonated with viewers, sparking curiosity about energy medicine and infoceuticals.
  • The Glowing IC Pad 3’s rapid water preparation, flexible connectivity options, and tri-color light system were effectively communicated.
  • The video contributed to increased awareness and adoption of the Glowing IC Pad 3.


The collaboration between BlueRoad Digital Studio and Infopathy resulted in a compelling video that demystified energy medicine. The Glowing IC Pad 3 now stands as a beacon of hope for personalized wellness.